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Booking Requirements



Thank you for taking a chance on me! If you find yourself here it's because somehow, I convinced you to organize a rendez-vous. You are in for a good time​!

Booking - New Clients 

Email :

Please copy/paste the following list and complete the informations:

  • Name

  • Age - You must be over 25 yrs old, no exceptions.

  • Real phone number  - No text app. 

  • Date/time of the appointment (I ask for a notice of minimum 5hrs for any appointments) - At least 2 choices of time  CLICK HERE schedule 

  • Type of session and lenght - CLICK here

  • Board Handle - Only if you have one sp411 or Terb

  • Presentation of yourself - A bit about you! Tell me what you are looking for or what you are passionate about ect. If you are booking a multihour, you can tell me your beverage and outfit of choice. Please mention any food allergies!

  • A 100$ DEPOSIT if the appointment is more than 1hr OR 60$ deposit if the appointment is less than an hour :

               Every request must come with a deposit. 


Cancellation Policy for New and Existing Clients

- Aadditional cancellation fee of $100 will be required if you cancel less than 72hrs prior to your date.

- Fee must be paid upon cancellation.

- You will also have to pay a deposit of 50% for your next booking.

- Cancellation fee must be paid via emt at answer: therapy

Booking - Existing Clients

Email : or text 647 469 9512 

Please copy/paste the following list and complete the informations:

  • Name

  • Phone number  - Phone you used for our previous exchanged

  • Date/time of the appointment - At least 2 choices  CLICK HERE schedule / Same day booking okay 4hrs of notice

  • Type of session and extra's - CLICK here

  • Board Handle - Only if you have one sp411 or Terb

  • I am reserving the right to ask for a deposit at anytme. See above for the choice and details,

  • Twitter


Every suitor must take a shower with soap upon arrival and use the mouthwash provided. Hygiene is paramount for me and it is the only rule that must be respected.

The following are questions that you might ask:

Q. Do you give references for your clients?

A. I do provide references for my suitors as long as I have seen you more than once or twice. It is important for me to keep the community safe and I don't feel comfortable providing a reference if I don't know you enough. I will not accept a reference from a lady you have only met once for the same reason. You also must ask me before you give my name to anybody. 

Q. When should I expect an answer to my request?

A. The morning after before 11am.

Q. I have questions before I book can I ask them before booking?

A. I built an extremely precise website where I describe my services and my extras. I also have a tons of reviews to help you figure what to expect. If you cannot find the informations anywhere, it's probably not available and it's therefore useless to inquire. I am also not into having a scenario for our session. Refrain to send me a play by play email.

Q. Do you accept outfit requests?

A. I do accept simple outfit requests like stockings, garters and lingerie when they are made upon a prebooking. I do not own costumes besides teacher/secretary or schoolgirl outfits.

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