Booking Requirements



Thank you for taking a chance on me! If you find yourself here it's because somehow, I convinced you to organize a rendez-vous. You are in for a good time​!

New suitors must be over 35 years old to book with me, unless I have invited you personally. Already existing clients of all ages are welcome.

Booking must be done via text only and no texting applications are allowed. 

If you are a new suitor, please include your name and age, the date, time, duration, type of session and the preferred method of screening in your introduction. Here are your screening options to choose between:

  • A private message from an active board handle with more than 100 posts. Click on the board of your choice for direct access to my profile: TERB, CAERF, SP411

  • And/or provide 2 references, one from each of 2 reputable providers, (kindly ask the ladies if I can reach out to them prior to contacting me with their info.)

  • And/or send a $60 e-transfer, paypal transfer or Amazon gift card.  The deposit is included in the donation and not an extra. They are refundable if anything comes up on my side. The deposit must be done at the time of your booking. 

A cancellation fee of $100 will be required if you cancel less than 72hrs prior to your date. iT must be paid upon cancellation.

Any person who fails to provide the basic information in their introduction text or email will not receive any answer to their inquiries.

Phone Number: (647) 469-9512

  • Twitter


Every suitor must take a shower with soap upon arrival and use the mouthwash provided. Hygiene is paramount for me and it is the only rule that must be respected.

The following are questions that you might ask:

Q. Do you give references for your clients?

A. I do provide references for my suitors as long as I have seen you more than once or twice. It is important for me to keep the community safe and I don't feel comfortable providing a reference if I don't know you enough. I will not accept a reference from a lady you have only met once for the same reason. You also must ask me before you give my name to anybody. 

Q. Are same day appointments possible?

A. Yes, they are possible unless you chose the references option for screening.

Q. What is a reasonable time to reach out to you?

A. Any day between 9am and 9pm. Any texts received outside of this time frame will be answered the following day.

Q. Do you accept outfit requests?

A. I do accept simple outfit requests like stockings, garters and lingerie when they are made upon a prebooking. I do not own costumes besides teacher/secretary or schoolgirl outfits.