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(Prebooking with Deposit only for new clients)

Mississauga Dixie and 401

October 25th (10am to 130pm)

October 26th (10am to late)

October 27th (10am to late)

October 28th (10am to late)


October 31st (after 6pm)

November 1st ( 11am or 2pm)

November 2nd (10am to 6pm)

November 3rd (10am to 9pm)

November 4th (booked)

Ottawa - East

November 7th ( after 4pm to 10pm)

November 8th (10 am or 2pm to 6pm)

November 9th ( 11am)

South Etobicoke **1 or 2 app a day available only**

November 21st to December 4th


December 5th (630pm to 10pm)

December 6th ( 11am or after 8pm)

December 7th (2pm to 7pm)

December 8th (7am to 11am)

Prebooking is the best for me. However, you can still inquire for a same day appointment as long as you give me at least 4 hours of notice.

**Please read the booking section before texting me**

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