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University of Amanda

The University of Amanda is the only university entirely dedicated to sex education in North America. The University of Amanda is presenting completely new and unique Coaching and Mentoring divisions for adults of all genders and sexual orientation that aim to make everyone finally feel confident when it comes to sexy time with their partner.

University of Amanda has 3 different levels of online Coaching including more than 20 interactive or prerecorded classes dedicated to inclusive sex education for all and sex industry related discussions. It is also the very first free online mentoring environment created for individuals in the sex industry by professionals of the sex industry. 

Our Mission

University of Amanda's mission is to provide the most accurate and updated programs to anyone who wishes to learn something tangible and tailored to their needs and level of experience.  We aim to provide a learning experience that will remain for the rest of our coachee's and mentoree's lives while changing their views about intimacy, sexual practices and professionalism.



University of Amanda's commitment is to provide a professional and non-judgemental environment at all times. Your happiness and  well-being is our priority.

Let our team of professionals take care of you!

Image by Dainis Graveris
Image by Dainis Graveris

What We Do



From basic sex classes to intricate oral sex techniques, Amanda's Coaching Program teaches you everything you need to know in order to live your best sex life! Solo or group classes for men, women and anyone over 18 years old!



Amanda's Mentoring Program is dedicated to the newer sex workers who need counseling on any subject. Branding, marketing, resources, screening, etc... For independent ladies only. Screening is required to avoid trafficking.

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